Todd Norris believes in the power of the boxing ring.

“The ring doesn’t lie,” Norris said. “Whatever you say you are as a man, whatever you say you can handle, the ring tells the truth. If you say you’re in shape, the ring tells you if you’re not.”

Todd Norris had not spoken to the ring since he was five years old when he showed up at the Champions Training Center in Savannah in 2020 to get reacquainted.

“I followed it through my whole life, watching Tyson, all the boxers,” Norris said. “I always loved it and wanted to be a part of it and thought hey man, I could have been something.”

Norris’ coaches thought that he could possibly be something as well.

“A lot of people come in and say I’m gonna do this or I’m gonna do that and they wait for you to do it,” said coach Moses Hickman. “But he was already set. As soon as he felt ready, he was ready to go.”

“I put him through the ringer and he came back the next day,” said coach Brandon Moran. “Running, push-ups and everything else and being sore and going ‘yeah I want to do this again tomorrow,’ after I’ve got him throwing up, you’re kinda like, yeah, they’re about this life.”

Being able to stand up to a hard workout is one thing, but booking one’s own fight is quite another.

“We had an idea what to expect but nobody really knows until you have your first fight,” Norris said. “So there’s a lot of ‘how is this going to pan out?’ I don’t want to look silly in front of my friends and family that came to see me in Houston.”

Friends and family were not the only ones sweating out the results of that fight.

“You get nervous when you’re fighting but when you’re training someone to fight and they go to represent you and your gym, it’s a very nerve-wracking situation,” Hickman said.

Fortunately, Norris won that tournament and the belt that went along with it. He then won a second belt, a third and a fourth, all in less than two years.

“It’s very uplifting to say that yeah, he did that. And I helped him do it,” Moran said.”

“The Norris name ends with me,” Todd said. “So that legacy of being able to box is just something that’s very dear to my heart.”

If the past ends up being prologue, there are a lot more fights to come in Todd Norris’ future, and perhaps many more belts as well.