Savannah State’s Frazier attacks quarantine workouts with a purpose


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WSAV) – Cancer didn’t stand a chance. It looks like quarantine doesn’t either.

With his little brother draped over his back, Savannah State defensive lineman Kyle Frazier does squats in his front yard with one goal in mind.

“I gotta be a foot soldier for that team,” Frazier explained. “They never gave up on me and never pulled my scholarship. I want to work hard for my guys, work hard for my team and just be great.”

Four months after being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in April 2019, Frazier rang his ‘cancer free bell’. He wasn’t cleared to play football last year, but he’s determined to take the field with the Tigers in 2020.

“God gave me a second chance at life so I appreciate it every day,” Frazier added. “Coach [Shawn] Quinn gave me a chance to come on this football team and play. I want to prove to everyone that I have what it takes.”

Frazier believes he still has plenty left to prove but, if you ask his coaches, they’ve been sold on the Augusta natives work ethic from day one.

“To be blunt with you, the day he walked on the field he proved all he needed to prove,” Savannah State head football coach Shawn Quinn said. “He beat something that a lot of people don’t.”

Quinn and the Tigers’ football team remain hopeful that the season will start on time in the fall. Frazier, who got a taste of college football in the 2020 Spring Game, has been finding innovative ways to stay in shape. On top of using his brother as a stay-at-home squat machine, he’s filled up suitcases with rocks and filled up gallon water jugs for makeshift weights.

“You just get this certain type of feeling in you that you just have to get up and go,” Frazier said, explaining why he works out almost every day of the week. “Getting my family involved with it, playing with the kids and running with the kids — something to be active.”

From the moment he was diagnosed with cancer, to the days now spent working out in his front yard during quarantine, Frazier has remained a powerful influence and symbol of perseverance for the Savannah State football team.

“We talk all the time about a them ‘Find a way no matter what’,” Quinn said. “He is the living, breathing example of that.”

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