SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The times, they are a-changin’ around Savannah State.

There’s a new head coach in Aaron Kelton, a new recruiting coordinator in Nick Trist and more than two dozen newcomers to the team in the latest recruiting class.

On Monday, it was finally time to put them all on the field and see how they gelled together.

Technically, the Tigers opened up fall camp on Friday, but their first practice that was open to the public and the media happened on Monday morning.

Kelton says he plans to hold several scrimmages over the next two weeks to help get his team acclimated to live contact again, then pivot to preparing for the team’s Sept. 3 opener against Southeastern University approximately 10 days beforehand.

“Well, you know, the progress has been great,” Kelton said. “The guys are dialed in and meetings have been fantastic. Its great when you’re one of the few groups on campus because you get some of that together time. And we’re throwing it at them pretty quickly.”

Classes at Savannah State do not start until the 15th, giving the players plenty of time to bond.

“I think its shaping up real good,” said defensive lineman Kyle Frazier. “We have some guys that have been here through COVID and been here for awhile, some seniors, some juniors. So I think we’re doing real well. Those guys had a good bit of practice and they got some game time experience.”

“I feel like he has a great vibe for the team,” said linebacker Ameer Phillips. “He’s really bringing everybody together in a great family construct. I think our team is really doing great things.”

Savannah State also made another coaching move late last week, signing Nick Trist to a position as quarterbacks coach and recruiting coordinator.