Shellmen Bluff, GA – Georgia is home to some of the best golf courses in the world, and people in MacIntosh County people their local course Sapelo Hammock Golf Club should be considered among the best.

“I would challenge anybody to go out throughout Georgia and if you find a prettier golf course, or a more lovely golf course a more playable golf course than this one. Then I’d like for you to tell me where it is,” said Martin Nesmith a Sapelo Hammock Golf Club member.

However this community was close to losing their beloved course. In 2010, Sapelo’s development company stopped funding and closed the course. However over 100 families rallied together and raise millions of dollars to reopen the course. On Friday the families celebrated another big milestone as they cleared the 800 thousand dollar debt. The club members actually burned the debt notices to honor the huge achievement. The members wanted to save this course because by keeping the course open they saved their community.

When it closed 7 and half years ago, in two months our real estate prices declined 25 to 30 perfect. So if you look from the economic standpoint why would somebody want to bring a business to Macintosh County? When the only golf course in the county you can’t even sustain that?” said club member Michael Hardy.

The club is now open to the public and the future of golf is also being shaped at Sapelo. The MacIntosh County Academy golf team can practice on the course for free. “We went to the state tournament last year and I don’t think we played a better course at all. And I know our kids were prepared because they got to play out here every day,” said MCA head golf coach Ron Smith.

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