SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Savannah Christian’s offensive linemen singled out Zo Smalls as a potential breakout player before the season even started.

The sophomore has proven his offensive line correct.

Smalls has carried the ball 164 times for 1,288 yards and 18 touchdowns, good for a yards per carry average of 7.9. He’s become the catalyst of a Savannah Christian offense that has averaged nearly 45 points per game, up from 22.6 last season.

He’s also drawing his fair share of interest on the recruiting trail. Florida A&M hosted Smalls on campus for their game against Southern on Nov. 5.

We caught up with Smalls to talk about that visit, which other colleges have shown interest and the Raiders’ upcoming playoff game against Peach County.

Transcript has been lightly edited for grammar, syntax and brevity.

Q: I saw you took a visit to FAMU. How did that come about and what was it like?
A: The atmosphere was very great. The recruiting coordinator had texted me on Twitter first and said ‘I want to invite you to a game.’ And I was able to come. I went down there and they were showing me interest. They really liked me so far. I was the only 2025 player that was there so it was a big achievement for me.

Q: What was the environment there like?
A: The environment was very good. The band is what carried the game really.

Q: Was that the only visit you’ve been on so far?
A: I also went to South Carolina and that was two weeks before I went to FAMU. I just didn’t post about it; I forgot. It was when they played Texas A&M.

Q: South Carolina is renowned for its gameday experience and the in-stadium environment. What were you feeling when you were down on the sideline?
A: I was feeling like I was ready to play, really. The student section was really good. Everybody was welcoming, good environment, good people, they say hello and they don’t even know you. It was good.

Q: Are there any other colleges that have reached out or shown interest?
A: Not really, not yet. South Carolina State had asked me to their game, but I had some stuff to do. I was going to FAMU that weekend.

Q: As you move into the summer, I know that’s a big time for potentially getting offers. What are some of the improvements that you’re looking to show in your game?
A: I really want to show more speed and catching out the backfield. That’s what colleges want to see in me.

Q: Looking forward to the Peach County game, when you watch them on tape, what do you see?
A: They’re beatable, for sure. All we have to do is come out and play, fill our assignment, don’t make mistakes and we should win the game.

Q: When you think about the rest of the offense, can you single out one or two other guys that have been breakout people for you this year?
A: Jep Hudspeth, o-line. And I would say Paulus (Zittrauer) our quarterback, is underrated. They came to play this year.

Q: I know a bunch of the Chatham County guys work out together, I see them showing each other love on Twitter. Are there any guys not on Savannah Christian that you work out with and compete with?
A: It’s a lot. Definitely with Calvary, their whole D-line, I work out with them. And Edward Coleman, Josh Washington at Country Day and Samari Dowdy, the wide receiver over at Johnson.