SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Tavion Gadson of Jenkins has a big decision to make.

The talented defensive lineman cut his list of schools down to just five schools: Kentucky, Minnesota, Tennessee, Florida State and Georgia.

While the three-star defensive lineman recruit mulls over his decision, he’s also preparing for his senior season with the Warriors, who are coming off a promising 2021 campaign.

WSAV sports anchor Corey Howard caught up with Gadson while filming Jenkins’ 15 Teams in 15 Days preview to talk about the choice that lies ahead of him.

Transcript has been lightly edited for grammar, syntax and clarity.

Q: Talk to me a little bit about the recruitment process. What was it like?

A: It was fast and it was a lot and honestly, it was very new to me. It all came in at one time so it’s like, I had not even a whole year. It was January to now. Its been a lot, its been overwhelming, but I’m honored and grateful to have the privilege and pleasure of doing this. Seeing all the stuff I’ve seen, every visit I take I learn something new. Every camp I go to, I learn something new. I learn something that I can bring back to my team to work on with my D-Line.

Q: Did you go to a camp to get these opportunities or was it a particular game that coaches were raving about? What was it to get these opportunities?

A: It’s more of a game, it’s more of the fact that I’m a big dude. But I can move, I’m flexible, they can see me playing all across the line. I could come in and make an impact.

Q: What about a school makes you say “that interests me?”

A: It’s my decision, but my family is always going to have a big impact on what I choose. So that’s one thing. My education, the graduation percentage has to be a good number. And most of them are that; they’re around the 90s (for football players). If it’s in my Top 5, it has to be up there for sure.

Another big thing is when I come in, playing time. I don’t expect to come in and start. I’m going to work my butt off for sure, I don’t expect to come in and start, if I do, I do. But I expect to have the chance to play at least into my sophomore season.

But if I do the work how I’m supposed to do it and even above that, I might be able to come in and start my freshman or sophomore year depending on who’s in front of me.