STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) – Statesboro running back Jordan Lovett has shown the ability to do a little bit of everything for the Blue Devils.

He gained 482 rushing yards in his junior year in addition to 185 receiving yards on 10 receptions. Lovett also returned kicks.

When he’s not on the football field, Lovett runs the 100 and 200-meter sprints for the Statesboro track team. He was part of the 4×200 relay team that placed on the podium at the state track and field meet.

We sat down with Lovett, who recently earned his first full-ride scholarship offer, to talk about where his recruitment stands.

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Q: I saw that you got your first full-ride offer just a couple of weeks ago from Tiffin. What was that conversation like?

A: Coming from the state track meet, my teammate Kam Mikell ran a 10.50 in the 100-meter dash and I was happy that he set a personal record. On the way to the hotel, we were getting food and I got a call from Tiffin University. They were telling me about the school and they offered me. After they offered me, they told me it would be a full-ride. So that brightened up my day and made me smile a lot.

Q: They’re recruiting you while you’re at a track meet. Have you found that running track and improving that part of your athletic profile has led to more offers or more attention?

A: Yes sir. Last year, I hit a PR and ran a 10.8 in the 100. I feel like that got me noticed a lot for college. Coming into my 11th-grade year, my coach, Coach Summers, he helped me a lot with my running form. It brought my 40-yard-dash time down. When we ran our 40s when football season officially started, we had Kentucky out there watching us. Last time we ran the 40, I ran a 4.58. Coach Summers brought me down to a 4.5 flat. Track helped me a lot with my running form.

It’s also going to help me a lot on the field. It helped me pick up my knees when I run and I feel like running through the hole or trying to break a tackle, I need to pick up my knees so I won’t get tackled easily.

Q: You talked about your relationship with sophomore Kam Mikell, also a fantastic athlete, also going through a lot of the same recruiting stuff you are. What has that relationship been like? Do you kind of help each other through it?

A: Yes sir. We knew each other since we were little, but we were never as close as we are now. When we were little, we just knew of each other playing rec football. In middle school, we connected more and in high school, we became best friends because we were always there with each other.

We got the same offer when we went to Coastal Carolina. At the state track meet, UMass texted me and they asked me to let Kam know to call them. They offered him on the spot. We have just always been close with each other. Through the recruiting process, we have always been there for each other.

Q: What schools are you looking at and what schools are looking at you right now? You’ve got Tiffin, I saw you got an offer from UNC-Charlotte, what other schools are in the mix?

A: Coastal Carolina and Massachusetts, but I’ve got Georgia State looking at me, I’ve got Georgia Southern looking at me, Georgia Tech and Yale. Wake Forest is looking at me. It’s just a whole lot of schools. They’ve invited me to camps and said they want to come see me over the summer. I’m going to try to get there and show out there. I need to actually make a name for myself instead of just having them sit there and watch my film.

Q: The next two months are really crucial for getting face-time with different schools. Do you have a camp schedule set up or are you still working that out?

A: Yes sir. Our coaches and I sat down and put all the camp dates down. I know I’m going to Kennesaw June 8, Florida State, maybe Georgia Tech. I might not be able to go to the Georgia Tech camp because I’m having a one-on-one session with a running backs coach. I’ve got a lot more invites. Wish I could make Yale, but it’s 15 hours away and I know I won’t be able to make that.

Q: When you’re at these camps, what are you looking to do? Is there a particular session or drill that scouts are really watching? What is your mindset like?

A: When I go to camp, I always think about my last camp and trying to beat my time. The number one thing I’m getting judged on is one-on-ones, when I’m going against a linebacker or defensive back. Just trying to make a move and get myself noticed. I don’t want to be known as just a running back; I want to be known as an athlete. When I go out there, I want to do stuff that athletes do.

Q: I see kick returns and route-running on your Hudl tape. How important is it to you that you get the opportunity to be more than just a running back in college?

A: In high school, I feel like it’s important because that’s just the recruiting process. In college, it’s not that important because you’re just at one spot and you’re there for the rest of your career.

Q: Do you have a particular date in mind to make your commitment?

A: No sir. I was thinking about seeing what my offers were after the last football game, doing my top schools then and then let track season go by before deciding. Track can get you offers too if you run good times.

Q: Last year, Statesboro was in a lot of really tight games. Some went your way, some didn’t. What do you think you can learn from your experiences then that you can apply this year?

A: We need leadership. Last year we had leadership, but not everybody was there and on the same page. This year, I feel like me being a senior running back can help the team a lot more. I can be a leader for the younger guys.

There was a whole bunch of bad stuff going on in school with fights and threats, a whole lot of bad stuff. There was a lot of negative energy. Positive energy for the team this year will definitely help us.