STATESBORO (WSAV) – If there’s one word that comes to mind when describing Kam Mikell of Statesboro, it’s “versatility.”

The rising Blue Devil senior has seen reps at quarterback, running back, wide receiver and defensive back, excelling at all of those positions.

Mikell’s penchant for multiple positions has gotten him noticed by plenty of colleges on the recruiting trail: Kentucky, Louisville, UMass and Florida Atlantic have all offered him, among other programs.

The football field is not the only place where Mikell excels: he also placed third in the 100-meter dash at the Class 6A state finals in May.

Although Mikell is still early in his recruiting process, the attention he’s garnering made him a great candidate for this week’s Recruiting Spotlight.

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Q: You’ve got a lot of offers already in. Before I even get in depth on any of them, how does it feel to be just a rising junior and to have all these options?

A: Yes, it feels good. When I got my first one, I was surprised, I didn’t think it was going to come that early. But now that I got my first one, I feel like I just need to keep working. More will come.

Q: One or two of your offers came during track season, much like your teammate Jordan Lovett. Do you think running track and playing basketball have helped you stand out to all these schools?

A: Yes, because my coaches are telling me that colleges want people who play two or more sports. They want people that play year-round, that’s the type of athletes they need.

Q: Have you been on any unofficial visits yet? Have you gotten a chance to check out the schools that offered you?

A: I went to Georgia Tech in I think March. After there, I went to Coastal Carolina on Junior Day with Jordan Lovett and Leslie Black.

Q: What were some of your impressions about the visits?

A: I liked the campuses, they were beautiful. The coaches were nice. I love how they set things up.

Q: As you go forward, what’s important to you? If you had to name the top couple of things that are important to you when choosing a school, what would they be?

A: Connection. How will it be when I come there? Will this be the best fit for me? What type of offense do you run and how would I be included into the offense and what would make me stand out when I get there?

Q: I saw a couple of scouting reports that had you as a defensive back at the next level. Are you more interested in offense?

A: It really does not matter to me. I just want to play.

Q: When you decide which camps to go to, are you deciding specifically offense or defense? Are they putting you on both sides of the ball?

A: The last couple of camps I’ve been going to, I was going as a wide receiver. When I go to Florida State on signing day, I’m going as a wide receiver. But when I go to Kentucky on Monday, I’m going as a defensive back because the coach that offered me, he wants me as a DB so he can see how I move around and stuff.

Q: To be able to play all these different positions, do you think its helped you get noticed by local colleges?

A: Yes sir, it makes me more versatile with the things I can do on the field.

Q: Do you have a schedule for releasing a final 5 or signing? Have you started to think about that?

A: I haven’t started thinking about it. I’ve been wanting to just play and have my fun while I have the chance.