Savannah, Ga. (WSAV) – Antonio Baker keeps proving he can score with the best hoopers in high school basketball. During the 2021-22 season, Baker averaged a little more than 18 points per game and showed good selection ability, shooting 65 percent from the field.

The Johnson High guard recently participated in the the Georgia Basketball Coaches Association (GBCA) Live camp, where he averaged 20.3 points a game and scored 27 points in the championship game.

Shortly after his outstanding performance Baker received his first division one offer from Kennesaw State.

Baker also made WSAV’s 3Deep All-Star Basketball team this winter. CLICK HERE for more info, including highlights.

Q: Alright. Antonio, so we all know that you’re a hooper. How is the recruiting process going? You’re on some college’s radar, I imagine.

Yes, the recruiting process is going decent right now. I just picked my first offer from Voorhees College and my first D1 offer from Kennesaw State.

Q: Yeah, yeah, talk to me a little about that. I mean, I understand you went to a camp, and they saw you out there. How did that process go?

They came to the game, and I was just playing well in front of them and getting looks.

Q: Okay, and what was the name of that camp?

I went to the GBCA Live event this weekend.

Q: Alright, talk to me about your performance out there. What were your stats like?

At the GBCA Live event, I averaged 20 points a game. We went three and one and loss in the championship.

Q: Okay, okay, and I think on I saw on Twitter, your biggest game you hit 27 points.

Yes sir, in the championship game.

Q: Awesome, and talk to me about your mindset going through the championship game. Did you know those college recruits were out there? What was going through your head?

I knew it was some colleges out there watching. I just wanted to play my best game and perform how I usually play.

Q: Awesome. Awesome. Speaking of how you usually play, speak to the people out there. What kind of player are you?

I’m a hardworking player, competitive. I’m also a great team player and very coachable.

Q: When it comes to your skillset, what is your skillset like?

I’m great at finishing around the rim and getting downhill. I also have a good three point shot.

Q: Okay, now, if you could pick a dream school, what would that dream school be?

My dream right now is probably Duke.

Q: Okay, you want to be a Blue Devil with Coach K?

Yes sir.

Q: Awesome. Well, definitely, congratulations on your first offer. What would you tell other people who have the dreams of hooping at the D1 level.

I would tell them just to keep working hard, doing the right things, and staying in the gym.

Q: What’s next for you?

We are about to finish our summer league and start AAU back in July.

Q: How long does summer league go until?

It ends at the end of June.

Q: Then you are going back in July to get in the gym with your teammates?

Yes sir.

Q: Alright, Antonio. I just about ran out of all my questions is there anything else you would like to add?

No sir.