SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Alfonzo Ross put himself on the recruiting radar with a strong performance in 2021-’22.

The rising senior point guard was an integral part of the Woodville-Tompkins Wolverines squad that made the Final Four of the AA state tournament.

Ross has followed up his great performance during the season with a strong summer, prompting prep sports outlet RYZE Hoops to say, “Alfonzo Ross has helped himself as much as anyone in the Peach this June. Strong-bodied scoring guard that finishes with physicality at the rim and can hit shots from the perimeter.”

That strong performance has led to offers from Maryville College and Voorhees University, with interest from Division I programs like Cornell and Kennesaw State.

WSAV spoke with Ross about his recruitment and his goals for the upcoming year.

Transcript has been lightly edited for grammar and syntax.

Q: I understand some schools have reached out to show interest in addition to your Maryville and Voorhees offers. Which ones are those?

A: Armstrong, Coastal Georgia, Western Carolina, Kennesaw, there are a couple of others but I can’t think of them off the top of my head. Cornell and Fairleigh Dickinson too.

Q: To even have the chance to go D1 in basketball, obviously you still have some work to do, but how good did it feel to see those coaches reaching out to you?

A: It felt great. I put the work in for plenty of years so I feel like it’s all coming together right now.

Q: Have you gotten the chance to visit any of the schools that offered you?

A: No sir, not yet.

Q: What have your interactions with the Maryville and Voorhees coaches been like?

A: They’ve been coming to the game and talking to me about things I need to work on and things like how I could do better in the game. They’re always contacting me.

Q: When they talk to you about what you do well and what to work on, what are some of the things they bring up?

A: Being a leader and being vocal on the court, making sure everything is right, pushing the ball up the floor as a point guard and defending my position well.

Q: Are those the things you worked on this summer? What were the big focus of your training?

A: Just pushing the ball up the floor because coaches love to see guards pushing the ball up the floor. And playing defense, just being everywhere on the floor.

Q: You and your teammates took Woodville-Tompkins really deep into the playoffs this year, as far as they’ve been in a generation. What did that run teach you about yourself and what did it teach you about your team?

A: We had a lot of ups and downs last season with injuries and all. We persevered through everything and worked hard.

Q: I know coach Lenny Williams has been a big booster for you, trying to get your name out there along with your teammates. What kind of influence has he had on you?

A: I love him. He gets me in the gym every week to work out with me. He just wants the best for me and that’s why I love him.

Q: If you had to give yourself a scouting report as a point guard, what kind of a guard would you say you are? Pass-first, score-first?

A: Definitely score-first, if I can get to my spots I’m dangerous. Sometimes it takes me a little bit to get in the game but once I’m in it, you’ve gotta watch out.

Q: If you had to give a quick recruiting pitch to colleges for why they should give you a scholarship, what would your case be?

A: Coaches, I’m going to work hard for you, I’m going to compete. I love to win so I’m going to compete every time I step out on the floor. You’re going to get the best out of me every time.

Q: We spent a little bit of time talking about what colleges are looking at in terms of your game. What are you looking for when you consider these schools?

A: First is education, because what I want to major in is either film or sports journalism. That’s the first thing. Second is just campus, how everything is, if it’s right, if it’s safe for me. And third is the basketball program and the coaches, how my relationship is with the coaches and how the facilities are.

Q: Going into your senior year, you’ve been kind of close to the mountaintop as far as the state title. What kind of confidence does that give you? Is the mindset of the team different after that?

A: We know what we can accomplish and we know what we need to work on to get higher and to the state championship. It gives us a lot more confidence in what we can do and how we can compete.