SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – We are learning more tonight about a possible breach of contract between the city and the Savannah Bananas.

The team plays at Grayson Stadium but one News 3 viewer tells us that technically they shouldn’t—at least, not right now.

In August, the Savannah Bananas left the Coastal Plain League to go all in on its Banana Ball World Tour—but that’s leading to questions about its existing contract. 

Savannah resident Bryan Guthrie reached out to News 3 to share what he learned.

“That’s a legal binding contract that was signed in 2020 that runs through 2025,” said Guthire.

News 3 receives claims that the beloved Savannah Bananas may be in breach of their lease at Grayson Stadium.

After announcing its 2023 world tour the Bananas left the Coastal Plain League and have yet to join a new one. 

One local reviewed the lease and tells us that the Bananas may have breached that agreement because they are no longer in a league. 

 “The Banana World Tour is not a league,”  says Guthrie. “A league would be the coastal plain league which they belonged to up until august when they withdrew from it. That’s league play. you’re playing against others for a potential you know championship.”

News 3 has reviewed the lease and reached out to the city which reviewed the complaint and provided the following statement:

“The city attorney has reviewed the complaint and does not find any actuable violation of the terms of the contract.” 

As for Guthrie – he says the Bananas should join another league.

“Try to figure out a way to go off and run your banana world tour…that’s fine,” said Guthrie. “But you should not take away something that you’ve actually entered into an agreement for the community here that supports you.” 

Below is the snippet of the Grayson Stadium lease that Guthrie says the team is in violation of:

“ARTICLE 3 – USE. CARE. AND MAINTENANCE OF PREMISES  3 .1 The TENANT Uses. TENANT shall use the Leased Premises for the purpose of operating a sp01is entertainment and recreation facility for professional, amateur, collegiate, high school, and recreational baseball and community entertainment oriented events to provide recreation and cultural opportunities to the citizens of Savannah, and for related purposes. TENANT must continually during the term of this Agreement own and operate a baseball franchise and provide at least three months of seasonal baseball play involving such franchise team with at least twenty (20) games hosted at the Leased Premises per season. If TENANT fails to own and operate a baseball franchise and host league play and games in accordance with the preceding provisions, then TENANT shall be in default and this Agreement will automatically terminate”

News 3 reached out to the city for further detail on how they define league play and have yet to hear back.