(WSAV) – The high school football regular season is almost here! In their last week of relative sanity for the next few months, Andrew Goldstein and Connor DelPrete talk about some of the teams they’ve visited so far at practice. Who has the most interesting storylines? The best quotes? Most to prove in 2021?

Plus, the WRBL sports team of Rex Castillo and Jack Patterson join the podcast to discuss what it takes to put on a Friday Night Football highlights show, tales from the industry and more!

Here is this week’s rundown:

– Andrew and Connor give an update on what they’ve seen visiting practices for the ’15 Teams in 15 Days’ series (0:00 – 33:00)
– WRBL’s Rex Castillo and Jack Patterson talk preparation for high school football season and more (33:00 – 1:08:21)

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