• Puppy Picks - Leni Frankel
  • Puppy Picks - Molly
  • Puppy Picks - Walburg

    Puppy Picks - Walburg

    This week's dog of divination is Walburg, affectionately nicknamed Wally by her foster mom. She enjoys time with her canine siblings and cuddling with her human. Her main goal in life is to find a family that will love her just as much as she'll love them.

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  • Puppy Picks - Summer

    Puppy Picks - Summer

    This week's NFL premonition providing pooch is Summer, a sweet but shy girl that's good with kids. She takes her time with her decision but finally decides on the Saints. With our puppies being 2-0 for the past two weekends, the prediction is evenly split. Make sure you watch the game this weekend to see if Farah and Farah's Puppy Picks stay on their winning streak!

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