SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – It takes a special person to be a Savannah Banana. Someone who’s charismatic, outgoing and good at baseball. Ty Jackson checks all of the boxes, which is one of the reasons why he’s returning to the team this year.

Jackson is probably the easiest player for fans to pick out, as he sports a yellow mohawk.

“Last year, I had it half blonde,” Jackson explained. “But my mom was like, ‘You’re about to go up to Savannah. How about yellow?’ Let’s go for it. The fans will love it.”

Jackson is a viral sensation with the charisma to catch the crowd’s attention, and while his dance moves are impressive, that’s not how he got on the Bananas’ radar. His big break came from a phone call his junior college coach made to Tyler Gillum.

“Me and him coached against each other back in 2012,” Gillum said. “So when he called, he knows me personally. He knows what BananaLand is about and said this guy is a Banana through and through.”

This year, Jackson will be one of only eight returning Bananas.