STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) — Tazmerria “Taz” Willson is one of the most inspiring people some could meet, and it all starts with her mindset.

“When problems come, she’s like a tactical person,” Chirika Wilson, Taz’s mother, said. “She going to figure it out.”

She has done that her whole life. Figuring out ways to make more with less.

“Her being a bilateral amputee has never really bothered her,” Chirika said.

Almost eight months into her pregnancy, Chirika found out Taz did not have a tibia bone in either one of her legs.

“So, the options were to give her rods, [but] rods, don’t grow,” Chirika explained. “So, she would’ve had to have multiple surgeries throughout her life, and it was still not a grantee she would walk.”

Chirika chose option two, which was amputation. With therapy and prosthetics, Taz began to walk, but over the years, she began to feel isolated. Taz was not allowed to ride the same bus as her friends and missed out on various social activities.

“I felt left out,” Taz said. “So, when I joined the golf team, I finally felt a part of something.”

Before joining the team, Taz reached out to one of her former elementary teachers, Don Garrick.

“She wanted to go out for the golf team,” Garrick explained. “So, I borrowed some clubs from a friend of mines and came out here, and we chipped and putted. She hit some balls. Then, I just got out of the way. She took it from there [laughs].”

Taz joined the golf team her freshman year and fell in love with the sport, but her story did not stop there.

“For my dream,” Taz explained during an interview. “I wanted to attend a PGA Tournament.”

Taz took her desire to an organization called Dream On 3, which works with kids with life-altering conditions.

“A few months later, they were like, ‘we kind of got the tickets and stuff,’ I’m like tickets? They said, ‘Yeah. We are going to fly y’all out,'” Chirika said, reminiscing about her conversation with Dream On 3.

Dream on 3 approved Taz’s application, sending her on a free trip to Washington D.C. for the 2022 KPMG Women’s Golf Championship.

“It was really exciting,” Taz said. “I met numerous amounts of people and golfers.”

Taz finally got the chance to live her dream of a PGA Tour championship. Now, she’s had time to come up with a new dream. Taz wants to start a women’s golf team at Valdosta State, and she has a few professional golfers willing to help her.

“To the people out there who have a disability or feel like they aren’t enough … I would say the sky is not the limit,” Taz said. “There’s many ways to be successful. You should never think that I’m doing anything positive in life, because whether it’s a small crowd or a just one individual, you are always inspiring somebody, day by day.”