SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Training camp is officially underway for Savannah’s coolest new sports team.

The Savannah Ghost Pirates held a special jersey reveal on Friday and on Monday, announced their 30-man camp roster.

On Monday holding practice for the very first time as a team.

“It was just a lot of compete out there, they just wanted us to get our legs under us, first day,” said Mackenzie Dwyer, Defensemen for the Ghost Pirates. “You know, names are on the back of the helmets just to make sure that everybody knows who’s who, but it’s like we’re in peewee so it’s pretty funny. But it was good, it was a lot of fun out there today.”

Even though the team is currently practicing at the Savannah Civic Center, they’ll soon move into their new digs at the Enmarket Arena and have already sold out their home opener on Nov. 5.

But take it from Coach Rick Bennett who said these guys will play anytime, anywhere.

“I want these guys to be happy they’re in town, playing, and we don’t care where we are. If we’re in the Enmarket parking lot playing, then so be it,” Bennett said. “We’re happy to be skating, and when Enmarket happens it happens, but we want guys to earn the Enmarket, too. And how you earn that is playing hard here.”

Introducing the sport to a new demographic of fans in the Southeast, that’s the goal.

Breaking league records for ticket and merchandise sales along the way? That’s just the icing on the cake.

“The reception from people on the town after our jersey reveal, there were hundreds of people out there with jerseys which is super cool to see,” Dwyer said. “Like day one, everybody’s already huge supporters which is cool to see.”

“A few main pillars of ours (the team) would be hard work, come to the rink every day ready to work, I think we owe that to the fans,” Spencer Naas said. “Treating the community and each other with respect as well, so, you know hard work, respect and character. If we do those things, the results on the ice should take care of themselves.”

The Ghost Pirates will open their season on Oct. 22 against the Greenville Swamp Rabbits.

You can click here for more information about their schedule, and to buy tickets.