SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Savannah Ghost Pirates open training camp with no time to waste, as they’ll play their first game in 11 days.

Monday morning at the Savannah Civic Center, players laced up the skates, put on their pads, and grabbed hockey sticks to hit the ice for their first official practice with the Ghost Pirates.

Thirty players enter camps with Ghost Pirates: eighteen forwards, eight defensemen, and four goaltenders. Most of them recently made their way to Savannah earlier this week.

This year’s team will have a short learning curve, with their first game on Oct. 22 against the Greenville Swamp Rabbit. Rick Bennett, the head coach of the Ghost Pirates, sounded confident in his team’s ability to learn quickly.

“The guys were really coachable today,” Bennett said. “Tomorrow will be another tell-tell, as far as they’ll be a little tired, but it’s okay. We’ll fight through that as well. But to answer your question, I like the fact they were really coachable.”