RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WSAV) — If you have ever been to a high school football game, I’m sure you have seen the kids playing in the back of the end zone having the time of their life. Richmond Hill has found a way to organize this fun.

While fans at Richmond Hill root on the Wildcats to hopefully another win. The real fun is over at the fun zone, or at least that’s what the kids would say. 

“We noticed that we had some many kids that came to our football games,” Richmond Hill athletic director Stacy Bennett said. “In this bring green space, it was just a lot of people and a lot of kids. What do kids do when they get together, they play. Sometimes kids can get a little rowdy, but that’s okay. That’s what kids are supposed to do.”

The Richmond Hill fun zone is free. You have to register before the game or via a QR code, but all the normal rules apply. 

“I have my own personal son that comes and plays for three quarters,” Bennett said. “Then he’s tired. He’s ready to go home.”

No shoes in the inflatables and traffic flows in both directions, but most importantly, only kids up to age 10 can play.

Bennett says the funhouse was his idea, but now he had to execute it, so he called a local event rental company.

“I thought it was the perfect idea,” Josh Galbarth of CJ’S Events Rentals said. “I grew up playing on this same field, but it was a lot less organized than this.”

With the success, they plan on this being a part of the new stadium when it opens in 2025. 

“That’s what we do every day,” Galbarth said. “If you need a party or event, hit us up. nothing hard about it. Be a part of your community and give back. I’m grateful to do it.”

The fun zone runs from an hour and a half before kickoff to the completion of the third quarter.

The next time to experience the fun zone is Oct. 13 when the Wildcats host Valdosta.