SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — After three years at North Carolina University, Georgia native Katie Perkins is back home where she wants to be.

“I just wanted to have fun and take my softball abilities with really good coaching,” Katie said. 

And you won’t find anybody who can coach Katie better than Sharon Perkins—her mother. 

Sharon Perkins said, “We have a lot of inside jokes and the team is like where is that coming from.”

This coach-daughter relationship blossomed when Katie turned five years old.

 “Yeah it’s really special,” Katie said. “I got that experience in travel ball but definitely it’s a lot more special ending my career here.”

Katie transferred to Georgia Southern this past December.

And, most likely, this will be her last stop.

Sharon said, “The team took her in pretty well. It’s kind of tough to transfer sometimes in the middle of the year and during the break in the semester, so they’ve kind of taken her in.”

We asked the duo, Would you say that the sport has made y’all’s bond a lot closer?

Katie Perkins responded, “Yes, it has. It has. We are pretty much like the same person, but I think softball is a big part of that relationship as well.”

News 3 then asked the Perkins’, What are some of the feelings you might feel on that last game? Her last game with you?

 “Um gosh, I haven’t even thought about it. I don’t know,” Sharon said. “Just ready to get her out of the house and see what she does in the future but for the time being it’s really cool to have her here.