SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Congaree Global Golf Initiative has helped more 130 high school golfers with their game and almost half of the kids they’ve helped went on to play college golf.

So here’s more information about the global golf initiative—it’s a two-week session where high school golfers get the chance to learn from PGA professionals and work with college academic advisors.

The ultimate goal is to make sure these kids are ready to play at the next level and excel in the classroom.

So this year’s session just started this Sunday.

And here’s what some of the golfers have already learned.

Morgan Rodriguez said, “Definitely is a once in a lifetime opportunity because not many people get to play the course for one, and get state or arch training facilities, training professionals, and also being around a great group of kids, and could have never anticipated how wonderful this experience would be and how much I’ve learned and how much I’m going to be able to take away.

My favorite part of the week will probably be getting out on this amazing golf course. This tournament today was just wonderful, but also building relationships with all these other kids that are just like me,” said Madi Saxton

This year’s class is set to complete the program on June 10.