OKATIE, S.C. (WSAV) – Billy Sampson is a golf connoisseur.

“All I’m doing is getting sore,” Sampson said. “I’ll be sore the next day, but that’s about it.”

Playing 200-plus holes in one day can have that effect on anyone, but Sampson is more than willing to pay the price.

“I see how it’s changed lives, many lived,” Sampson explained.

In 13 years, Billy has nearly raised one million dollars doing golf marathons, and proceeds go towards providing scholarships for golf star families. These scholarships help students like Tiffany Eckert, who lost her husband in the line of duty.

“Our last conversation that we ever had, he called home within hours prior to his death,” Eckert explained. “One of the last things aside from I love you, was him telling me no matter what happens in the future, you need to get a degree [and] I want our children to have a good education.”

Thanks to people like Sampson, Eckert will soon walk across the stage with her degree.

“They thanked me for what I was doing from them,” Sampson said when discussing gold star families. “I was almost embraced because I wanted to thank them for what their sacrifice has been for us.”

Sampson feels this way because he can relate to the pain of a golf star family. He lost his best friend in Afghanistan back in 2005.

“I had no idea that golf would give me the opportunities to play with people I’ve played with to be able to give back to communities,” Sampson said.

“What I would say to him [Sampson] first and foremost would be thank you so much,” Eckert said. “He’s making an investment and truly changing lives.”

The golf marathon happens on Sept. 3, and Sampson hopes to raise $113,000.

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