JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WSAV) That was not the way the Jaguars wanted to start the season; with a 37-21 loss to the Texans. 

The Jaguars looked disorganized and frazzled, especially at the start of the game; the kind of performance that might be expected of a team with a new head coach. There was confusion lining up, substitution errors and 87 yards of penalties.

“Let’s tighten up and go,” said head coach Urban Meyer. “I believe in that team. I believe in our staff. Come back to work and earn your captain stripes.” 

Alright, it’s time to be optimistic. Trevor Lawrence had never lost a regular season game. He had also never thrown three interceptions; both happened in the loss to the Texans. The promising part came in the press conference, where he instantly diagnosed where he went wrong. 

“It’s either a bad throw or a bad decision when you throw a pick,” Lawrence said. “And bad decisions, those are the ones that will get you for sure. So that first one was just a bad throw. But then later, they ran cover two. I tried to throw a corner ball in there and the corner was dropping and I should have just checked it down.”

“Then there was the one when we were backed up. And then I threw one over the middle when I lost the mike linebacker. I tried to force it. Those were the three. Like I said, it’s just hard to win games when you turn the ball over. It starts with me. That was all me. I’ve got to get better.”

Lawrence and the Jaguars look to bounce back against the Denver Broncos next weekend at TIAA Bank Field.