When former Islands High School athletic director Karl DeMasi calls someone the best female high school athlete in Savannah, it’s not something he says lightly.

Yet if there’s any athlete that lives up to that level of hype, it’s Islands senior Veronica Sierzant.

The four-sport standout and two-time winner of the Hollis Stacy Award signed her letter of intent to play volleyball at Syracuse University in front of friends, family and plenty of fans on Thursday afternoon.

Even though Sierzant had plenty of college programs looking to fit her for one of their jerseys, she always knew that she wanted to go up north to Syracuse.

“This goes back to when I was in seventh grade and I was watching them play; I think it was the Final Four for the NCAA Championship,” Sierzant said. “I said ‘oh, orange is a nice color and I like their mascot.’ And that’s why I kept on thinking maybe I could play there one day. Its been a goal ever since I was a freshman to play at Syracuse.”

Sierzant will transition from outside hitter to setter for the Orange, but she leaves behind a lasting legacy as an attacker with the Sharks, notching over 1,000 career kills.

When Veronica entered Islands High School, she did so in the shadow of her older sister Elizabeth, a senior on the Berry College basketball team. It wasn’t long before she blazed her own trail, though.

“I was just a nobody. I was Elizabeth Sierzant’s sister. I came in and I came in to make history and I did. Everybody knows it. I’m just really excited and glad I had the right teammates, right coaches, and just the right people to be there for me and encourage me the entire way.”

Veronica is still in the middle of basketball season with the Sharks. She led Islands volleyball to a 32-7 overall record and a region title this past season.