SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — At Savannah High, the Anthony ‘Bud’ Tolliver era is officially underway as he embarks upon his first spring practice as head coach. 

Coach Tolliver was officially introduced on March 30 so he has been in the position for just over a month. 

He said he focused on creating discipline in the program as well as offseason conditioning. For the spring, he said he wants to find out the strengths of his young team and then develop a game plan around those core areas.

He also has seen an increase in participation

“It’s just getting the kids out,” Tolliver said. “It’s always nice when a new coach comes in you’re going to get kids to come out. Now that are out, we have to keep them out. That’s big a thing.”

“Worth ethic,” “Last year, everybody was playing lazy. The work ethic was lazy. Everybody is trying to pick up, do more stuff, be on time, not get in trouble and getting good grades.”

Spring practice will continue for the next two weeks.

They will have a spring scrimmage against Beach on May 12 at Savannah High.