SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — This Wednesday is the Savannah senior showcase for all-star basketball. 

For some, it could be the final time they lace up their sneakers to play the sport they love. For others, it is the last time we will see them before they head to college.

I was at practice today and it was amazing. There was a high level of competition.

“We all have been playing around with each other when we were little,” Malachi Robinson said. “We got better with each other. Then we went to high school dominated and now we just here together.”

“From my freshman year,” Beach senior James Leach said, “I wasn’t all that. They counted me out from my freshman year. They counted me out all the way from my freshman year to my 11th grade year when I kind of improved myself. My 12th grade year I had to show out. 

“I like AJ Ross’s game,” Beach senior Shamarrie Hugie said. “He can shoot. Quhran he’s just bounce. I want his athleticism and to be a part of his team.”

On the girl’s side, there is also a lot of star-studded talent.

Of course, led by Hannah Cail and Veronica Sierzant. I also expect this to be a highly competitive contest.

“I’ve been playing basketball for 12 years,” Sierzant said. “So just knowing that it is all coming to an end soon makes it a bittersweet moment because I know I have a big step coming up.”

“We only know each other by going against each other,” Stafford said. “So it’ll be good to play with another team that you did not play with and put everybody’s skills together.”

“Yesterday,” Cail said, “I thought about it just a little bit. When Coach Jordan invited me, I was definitely up to play. I mean last game in Savannah I love playing here.”