SEABROOK, S.C. (WSAV) — Bernard Reed demands the best from his players – both on and off the field.

Defensive end Bradford Thompson describes the coach, “He means a lot for real. He tells me my little mistakes and stuff like that and that kind of made me a better person than what I am now.”

 Reed said, life is short, and you only get one opportunity whether it be on the football field or at home – a lesson Reed learned nearly 30 years ago after his mother went missing.

Every day I wonder, what happened to her,” Reed said. 

His mother, Kaye Francis Hamilton, was last seen on November 3, 1995 in Yemassee, South Carolina near her home on Jenkins Road and Highway 17.

When asked about her disappearance, Reed told News 3, “I have my theories on what happened, but I just have hope and pray because I believe in the high power that he has her protected wherever she’s at.”

It’s a 27-year-old prayer that Reed hopes will manifest itself.

Especially since his last memory with his mother wasn’t their most pleasant memory.

Reed explained, “She was at home after my dad came and picked me up after an argument me and her had. Unfortunately, the last time I saw my mom wasn’t a great moment.”

A moment that he admits to regretting years later.

And now, he wants his players to learn from his past mistake.

“Basically, I tell these kids every day to respect your mom, respect your dad because you can be in my situation,” he said. 

Ultimately, you never know when you’ll say that last goodbye.

 “I just hope one day, I can get the closure that I need, “ Reed said. “Instead of the false closure.”

Reed told News 3 that his mother’s disappearance is now considered a cold case. If you know the whereabouts of Kaye Francis Hamilton, what happened to her or anything that can resolve this case, you are urged to contact the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office at (843) 255-3200 or CrimeStoppers at (864) 467-5357.