SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Beach High School hosted its second decision which is where they announce their plans for after graduation. 

Sixty students from the class of 2023 announced their post-graduation plans.

Many students announced plans to go to college. Some of the schools named the most were Albany State, Savannah State and Georgia Southern.

Additionally, many of our future leaders choose careers with first responders like EMTs or nurses. There were three athletes who participated in the ceremony

“The best part was when I got to stand up and say what college I was going to,” said senior James Leach. “But other than that when the speakers were speaking telling us wise things.”

“I choose Albany State because my brother goes there,” football player Ryan Lovett said. “I always wanted to play with my brother. I always wanted to play on the same team as my brother that’s why I chose Albany State.”

“I’m going to remember my friends,” Tyrese Bellamy said. “My closet friends, like James (Leach), he’s going all the way in Florida. I’m going to remember different events that happened with Beach High School like the prom and things like that.”

Beach’s graduating class is 165 students.

Graduation day is set for May 23 at 1 p.m. at Enmarket Arena