SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The Blitz Border Bowl is back for the sixth year and today at the Ronald Mcdonald House was the official kickoff for the 2024 edition of the game. 

Of course, the first thing you need for a football game is the coaches. Bluffton head coach Hayden Gregory will lead the Lowcountry team and South Effingham coach Loren Purvis will be the head coach for the Coastal Empire both are first-year head coaches.

This year, the Alee Shriners decided to come on board as a sponsor but the big reason for the event is to continue to support the Ronald McDonald House and the great work they do in our community. 

“They said hey do you want to go Christmas shopping for the kids out of the room they have of donated toys and stuff like that and it hit me that I had not even thought about buying Christmas presents for the kids, said Sherri Armitage, a Ronald McDonald recipient.

“It meant a lot to us,” another Ronald McDonald House recipient, Kimberly Linzan said. “We went 63 days without our family around. it was during covid-19. So our family was the Ronald Mcdonald House.”

“Knowing that we get to do that every single day makes you be able to put your head on a pillow and go to sleep every night knowing that you’ve done something well,” Ronald McDonald House executive director Bill Sorochak explained. 

The Blitz Border Bowl is on Saturday, January 13 at Memorial Stadium. You still have a chance to get your tickets just click or tap here.