SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The word resilience is often a word thrown around in sports but when you think of Benedictine running back Ashley Edwards. There is no better way to describe the senior, after the obstacles he has overcome most would find a different path – But not Ashley. Take a look at why he is so resilient.

“If I had to go into a fistfight in an alley somewhere,” head coach Danny Britt said, “he and Luke Kromenhoek are the two guys I’m taking with me.”

The toughness comes from everything he has overcome.

“My sixth-grade year I tore my ACL and meniscus,” Edwards

Ashley said the injury happened during spring ball. The injury combined with being skipped ahead during his seventh-grade year caused him to miss all of middle school ball.

“Freshman year,” Edwards said, “I didn’t play as much so it wasn’t more risk, but sophomore year broke my ankle back.”

Just in time to help Benedictine secure the school’s first state championship in Class AAAA.

“Junior year,” Edwards said, “last game of the (regular) season, it was a reschedule. I torm ACL and meniscus and MCL.

In the span of five years, Ashley tore both ACLs and menisci and broke his left ankle. He said some days were tough mentally, so he looked to his teammates for strength.

Being out here every day with these guys and with my team,” Edwards said, “it’s like a family. So I wouldn’t never give up on my family.”

Coaches, teammates and even his mom will refer to Ashely as “Ack,” a name he says he got from his father and playing sports. He says Ack is what the outside world sees, but Ashley is more private.

“Everybody knows Ack,” Edwards said, “but nobody really knows Ashely like that. I take pride in both names.”

Ack wants to play at the next level, but injuries have limited the senior’s recruitment.

“He’s just not really tall,” Britt said. “He’s like me. He is not a real tall guy. He doesn’t have all the numbers which recruiting often comes down to numbers. Do you have the exact measurements that they are looking for?

Ashley said he is currently being recruited by Berry College in Rome, Georgia but hopes to have a great senior season and secure more offers.