STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) — Georgia Southern is trying to even the playing field for students with kids, offering weekly payments to help pay for childcare.

“The Armstrong campus has long had a need for childcare services,” said Corine Ackerson-Jones, the director of Georgia Southern’s TRIO program that helps students in financial need.

A federal grant from the education department will help pay for childcare for 30 or more students at the Armstrong and Liberty campuses, dishing out up to $150 per student each week.

“I had one student parent who said that sometimes they have to make the choice between paying their daycare bill or paying for groceries,” said Ackerson-Jones.

The only eligibility requirement is that you qualify for the Pell Grant, meaning you display a financial need.

“I believe it’ll make a big difference in their lives,” said Ackerson-Jones.

Since Statesboro’s campus already has a childcare center, they’re focusing on the sister campuses with one goal in mind – getting students to stay.

“Students in general whether they’re parents or not that don’t finish their degree or have to step out of school, I’ve found usually it’s not because they don’t have the aptitude but because of financial reasons,” said Ackerson-Jones.

She says students won’t have to worry about the grant affecting their current financial aid because they prioritize wanting to put their child somewhere that’s safe and affordable.