SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – We all know about the sights, but the College Football Playoff National Championship wouldn’t be the same without the sounds.

That’s thanks, in part, to the Georgia Redcoat Marching Band.

The 467-unit band is in Los Angeles for the big game against Texas Christian University. They got there first by bus, then by the New England Patriots team plane.

The Redcoats have been hard at work preparing for Monday night.

“Definitely a lot of early mornings and late nights,” said Aizhia Poblete, a drum major from Baxley.

“Normally on game days, we report to our practice field six hours or so before kick,” she explained. “Our bus system, they’ll come and take us up close to the stadium. Eat lunch. We’ll go to Dawg Walk, do our traditions, intermingle with the fans until it’s time for kickoff.”

Growing up as a UGA fan, Kara Harper, a trumpet section leader from Bloomingdale, said it’s an incredible experience helping fans make memories.

“We’re like mini celebrities in our own way. I like knowing that one day down the road there might be a little kid that looks back and you know says, ‘Oh, I took a picture with that Redcoat,” Harper said.

Should the Bulldogs take home the win Monday night, Redcoat band alumnus Carlie Moore, of Savannah, has some advice.

“I hope that they are just so excited. I hope they’re able to take it and just remember the moment, again, if it happens,” Moore said. “And act like you’re never going to be there again because you never know.”

She added: “You will miss it in the future, I promise.”

The Bulldogs take on the Horned Frogs tonight at 7:30.