SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Every summer, the Hilton Head Baseball Association (HHBA) takes their best youth baseball players and forms a few all-star teams divided into different age groups. The groups consist of eight and under (8U), ten-and-under (10U), 12-and-under (12U), and 14-and-under (14U).

This year all four HHBA teams won their district tournament, which has not happened since 2010. The win allowed all four teams to qualify for the state championships, and confidence is through the roof.

“I think we all feel a little confident after run-ruling every opponent in the district,” Flynn Carsten, a player in the 10U group, said. “We all feel a little boost of confidence.”

They have a good reason to be confident too, especially with a former MLB player coaching them.

Ryan Kelly coaches the 14U group, but before coaching, he played professionally for 14 years and made his MLB debut in 2015 with the Atlanta Braves. Kelly is a Hilton Head High School graduate, and is excited to see this group’s talent taking them on the road.

“I’m trying to give back to the community here,” Kelly said. “The program that created me and made me who I am today. So, I’m trying to give back to these boys. Obviously the goal for all of them is to play baseball beyond just here. Beyond just high school if that’s what they want to do.”