SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – During an alumni baseball game, you can expect a few things, such as trash-talking, funny moments, and a few sentimental memories.

“We were just remembering how amazing he was on the baseball field,” Jackson Schroeder said while talking about his long-time friend Stuart Sligh Jr.

Sligh Jr. was a dual-sport athlete who played baseball and football for the Hornets.

“He was one of the smarter kids we had in the class,” Sales Pinckney, another long-time friend, said. “He was in honors classes, and on the field, he was the best athlete we had.”

A promising future, Sligh Jr. did not get the chance to fulfill.

“Speaking about the last time I saw him still brings back terrible thoughts and memories,” Schroeder said.

Sligh Jr. died after a fatal car crash in February of 2012 at 16 years old.

“This is a hard place for me to come,” Stuart Sligh Sr, Stuart Sligh Jr’s father, said while standing on the baseball field. “In fact, very close to where I’m standing is the last place I saw Stu.”

While the pain still cuts deep, Sligh Jr’s family and friends are doing their best to keep his legacy alive.

“We started the Stuart F. Sligh Jr. Memorial Foundation,” Sligh Sr. said.

The foundation focuses on giving back to high school sports, whether it’s providing money to schools for uniforms or getting game day equipment, the Stuart F. Sligh Jr. Memorial Foundation is always ready to help out.

Saturday evening at Savannah Country Day School, the Hornets played the alumni game in Sligh Jr’s honor.

“For these kids to do what they are doing, it’s really great,” Sligh Sr. said. “We are very thankful that they continue to remember Stu.”

While Sligh Jr. is no longer around in the physical form, his family and friends managed to keep his name alive.

“I would tell I love him,” Pinckney replied, when asked if you he could say one more thing to his friend, what would it be. “You never realize when it’s going to be the last time to say it.”