SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — The NCAA Tournament provided exciting upsets in the first round. 

No bigger than a 16-seed Farleigh Dickinson beat a No. 1 seed, Purdue. Woodville Tompkins Coach Lenny Williams was in the building for a historic upset. He told us what it is like in Columbus.

“It was just unbelievable to see the clock hit zero,” Williams said. “Everybody around the country is just going nuts over this one game.”

On Friday, Farleigh Dickinson became the second 16-seed ever to defeat a No.1 seed in the men’s NCAA Tournament.

“For you to see and witness history,” Williams said. “From a program that won four game last year, then made it to the NCAA tournament and then knock off a No. 1 seed it was just electrifying.”

Coach Williams played for Farleigh Dickinson Coach Tobin Anderson when he was in school.

“The last few years,” Williams said, “We started doing the same that I’ve done in college and it’s been very successful in what we’ve done at Woodville, but it also showed in TV the other night. It was just a blessing to see Coach still stuck to what he knows. Of course, speed kills and athleticism kills. 

Before the game, Coach Williams had the opportunity to meet with his former coach.

“We went to his hotel right before the game,” Williams said, “and we actually rode the team bus to go there.”

But coming down the stretch, he knew history was about to happen. 

“I looked at my old teammate Josh Harner and I said, ‘We’re fine,'” Williams said. “It almost felt like I was coaching. It was odd because I usually say that to my team, ‘We’re fine. We’re okay.’ Then they came down and got a steal and I’m like, “They’re about to pull this off.'”

And it’s a moment he will never forget.

“It went nuts,” Williams said. “From people in the stands, to the band. That’s not actually their band. They were using someone else’s band. People running on the court and the chanting. What people don’t understand is there was a game right after. So Memphis and FAU were cheering with them too.”

Coach Williams said if FDU advanced to the sweet 16, he would have gone to Madison Square Garden to see them play.