STATESBORO, Ga. (WSAV) — The Charlie Henry era for Georgia Southern’s men’s basketball is officially underway and it started with great fanfare. 

There was a police escort, he was walked in through the pep band, so the pep band was here as well. There were several fans waiting to meet and greet him as well and shake his hand. 

He walked through the crowd and then walked down and did his introductory press conference. During the press conference, he spoke about his family, he spoke about his origins and what he wants to bring to this Georgia Southern men’s basketball program. 

He talked about his style of play. He is going to ingratiate a lot of his Alabama roots into the offense that will be run as well as the defense. Let’s hear from the man himself.

“Thinking about how we are going to attack the roster,” Henry said. “Trying to put together a really good staff. Those have been my top two priorities, for sure. As well as, without neglecting our current guys who have been so good during this transition.”

Obviously, when you talk about men’s basketball recruiting is the key. 

However, we are entering a dead period for the NCAA starting tomorrow, but coach Henry said his top priority is talking to his current players. So, we will see what the future holds for Georgia Southern’s men’s basketball program.