CINCINNATI, OHIO (WSAV) — One of the people in the stadium last night is no stranger to the dangers on the field.

Bengals legend Ken Anderson played in the NFL for 16 years and said he saw his fair share of major injuries, including one of his friends getting paralyzed.

He was in the stands when the injury happened last night. While he was too high in the stands to get a good view he clearly saw something was wrong.

“Usually they are loading the player up and you see a thumbs-up sign to show that the player was ok. There was none of that and that’s when you say what the heck is going on,” said Anderson. “He wasn’t responsive. You don’t know how he is going to be and right then you say there’s no way you can play this game.”

He believes for The Bills especially, football can’t be the focus right now.

“I think if two days from now he is still unconscious, you don’t know his condition then I don’t know how you play because then there is a wonder what is next,” said Anderson. “The emotions that you have as a player not knowing if your teammate will live or die. There is no way you can play a football game. So, the correct move was to postpone the game.”

“You spend more time with your teammates than your family during the football season. You can’t believe the closeness in a locker room and all the different types of players and all different kinds of backgrounds. Fifty-three to sixty guys together you develop a common goal, the closeness you don’t understand unless you are part of it. With uncertainty like this, I don’t know how you refocus and play.”

Anderson believes what shouldn’t happen is any type of call to end the league or the game of football.

“You can understand it, you can deal with it but you don’t sign up thinking you were going to die,” said Anderson. “Accidents like this happen all the time, no football player I have ever talked to, even if it was catastrophic is going to say we shouldn’t play football anymore. Football is a great game and you understand accidents do happen but nobody I know has ever been involved in something close to this.”