BLACKSHEAR, Ga. (WSAV) – Regardless of what happens, Friday night will be the last home game for the 2021 Pierce County football team.

“One last go around here in front of your home town,” senior wide receiver Luke Bennett said. “It’s just special.”

If the Bears can beat Carver, they will punch their ticket to the Georgia High School Association 3A state championship for the second consecutive season.

“This is a grind,” head coach Ryan Herring said. “It’s tough, it’s a physical, emotional, and mental grind. They’ve done a great job at handling it.”

Pierce County has had a whole host of upperclassmen to help lead the team to a region championship and 11-2 overall record. Two of the main contributors are twin brothers — Luke and Knox Bennett.

“They are twins,” Herring said with a smile. “So when one of them gets hit hard, it hurts the other one a bit too.”

An exaggeration? Perhaps, but the concept of being on the same page remains true no matter what side of the ball they are on.

“We are each other’s hype man,” Luke said. “I make a great catch, Knox is the first one there. We are jumping up and celebrating. If he makes a good play, I’m the first one there.”

That’s all well and good, but are we sure there’s no sibling competition for who can rack up the most touchdown catches?

“No part of me,” Knox said, when asked about a competition. “I’d say ‘throw him another one before you get one to me.’, I just want him to succeed too.”

At this point, the Bennett name goes hand-in-hand with Pierce County Football. Luke and Knox were ball boys when their oldest brother Stetson, now the University of Georgia’s starting quarterback, was an all-state quarterback for the Bears.

“We always grew up, it was me and Knox in the yard and ‘Stet’ was all-time quarterback,” Luke explained. “Then, we would come out here on Friday nights, and watch him do his thing. We would always follow in his footsteps, it’s like ‘boom’ that’s going to be us and here it is. It’s us now.”

Two twin brothers hoping for a second consecutive state championship, while their older brother competes for a championship of his own.

“Leading [Georgia] to number one and undefeated for the first time since 1982,” Knox answered, when asked how proud he was of his older brother Stetson. “God is good, god has blessed the Bennett family. Back to us, we are trying to win another state championship and it doesn’t get better than that.”

“They’ve always been huge supporters of their brothers and they go to every one of his games, no matter where it is,” Herring explained. “Everyone is happy and proud of Stetson, but everyone is also happy and proud of those boys.”

Among their long list of supporters is their older brother, who told them in their group chat ‘nothing else matters’ except for a state championship.

“Playing football in December is starting to become a tradition here in Blackshear,” Knox said. “We are used to it, we aren’t new to the situation. We are just working hard to get back to where we were last year at the top.”