SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Families across the country celebrate Thanksgiving with a family football game out in the yard. For Reagan and Hayden Aliotta of the St. Vincent’s Academy Saints, though, every game is a family affair.

“Reagan and I have that twin mindset,” Hayden said. “If I pass the ball, she’ll know where to go.”

The Saints, who have a top seed in the upcoming GHSA flag football playoffs, have found success by letting Hayden, the team’s quarterback, toss bombs to her twin sister Reagan, a standout wide receiver.

“Once I got on the field and got my hands on the ball, it was just love,” Reagan said. “I loved it.”

St. Vincent’s started its flag football team in the 2020-’21 season, but that was hardly the Aliotta sisters’ first times playing the game.

“When I was younger, I played with a lot of boys outside,” Hayden said. “We used to throw the football. I got tackled by all of them. I was always the quarterback so I’ve always loved it and I grew up with it.”

This is also not the first time that Reagan and Hayden have teamed up; the Aliottas have done that for most of their lives too.

“I have that connection with her so if she’s giving routes to everybody, I don’t know it’s kind of weird, I’ll know where her body movement is going and I’ll just put myself in that situation,” Reagan said.

Whether it’s football, basketball or soccer, the Saints have had an Aliotta sister leading the way for the last three seasons.

“I’ve always been competitive,” Reagan said. “My sister and me growing up as twins, you are competitive about everything. Just getting the ball and having the thrill and adrenaline when you score, that’s what I live for.”

Both sisters are in their senior year: the last season together before they both go off to college. All they want is a state championship trophy to hold together.

“That would be great experience,” Hayden said. “I hope that’s what the future brings.”

St. Vincent’s hosts the first two rounds of the playoffs on Tuesday. The winner of its four-team region will go to the state quarterfinals on Thursday.