EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WSAV) — The word “change” can describe South Effingham’s softball team this year, and most of that has to do with their new head, Adam Newland. Newland is a South Effingham High School alum who is returning home.

“It’s exciting to be back home,” Newland said. “It’s exciting to be here with a traditionally successful program.”

Despite a change in leadership, one thing remains the same. Bailey Kendziorski is still a superstar.

“Ever since I was little, I was holding a bat. In the living room with a tee hitting it as hard as I can,” Kendziorski explained.

Kendziorski is not exaggerating either. WSAV started following her career years ago.

“It’s amazing from where I was a few years ago to [where I am] today,” Kendziorski said in an interview with WSAV in 2019.

Since that interview, Kendziorski has racked up the awards, winning the Region 2-6A Pitcher of the Year back-to-back.

“That was amazing,” Kendziorski said when asked about winning the award. “I’m super grateful for that, and it especially wasn’t all me. It was part of my team too. I am really grateful.”

In her high school career, Kendziorski has more than 130 strikeouts and only seven walks. She did all this in only 102 innings. Kendziorski has more strikeouts than innings pitched.

“Her talent certainly speaks for itself,” Newland said. “She can play just about anywhere. She’s excellent for us in the circle, but to have her in your program is really great. She’s somebody who cares about doing things the right way.”

Kendziorski is currently a junior, and it will be interesting to follow her career as she continues to blossom into the marvelous masterpiece she started working on years ago.