GUYTON, Ga. (WSAV) – The first thing to know about Nick Milbrandt is that just about nobody calls him that.

“When I was about nine years old, my baseball coach said I was bigger than everybody else,” Milbrandt said. “He thought it was a good joke to call me Tiny. Ever since then, its kind of stuck.”

Tiny’s impact on the South Effingham Mustangs baseball team has been anything but small, though.

“He’s a good kid,” said head coach Todd Eubanks. “He’s done well. Academically, athletically and socially, he’s done very well.”

Milbrandt is one of the best pitchers and hitters that the top 10-ranked Mustangs have; a remarkable achievement for someone who didn’t even think he would get to play this season because of a football injury that he suffered in a game against Benedictine.

“It was on a punt. As soon as I got hit, I felt a pop and knew that was it. Trainer came on the field saying it was gone. I was boo-hoo crying.”

That pop meant an ACL injury. Corrective surgery would mean the end of his senior season in all sports.

“I had a passion for the game and that’s what kind of drove me through it,” Milbrandt said.

Milbrandt elected not to have the surgery until after baseball ended for the year, which means playing his senior season with that ligament in his knee still torn.

“Sometimes pitching won’t let me get my knee all the way up like I need to be. It’s not as strong as it really needs to be,” Milbrandt said.

“He sweats, he’s put time in, he did not want to let this senior year go by and have his brothers playing without him,” Eubanks said.

As the Mustangs march toward the state playoffs, Milbrandt is ready to do everything he can to make his last few games count, healthy or not.

“Times are tough, but we have to overcome those and become better players, better teammates, everything,” Milbrandt said.