SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Marshall Moise, a forward for the Savannah Ghost Pirates, is a jack of all trades, and when he’s not on the ice, he’s practicing something else.

“Shout to Julio, our equipment manager,” Moise said. “He’s helping me with my Spanish. I’m trying to pick up another language here.

Moise is not trying learn Spanish to confuse his opponents on game day, but to score some brownie points.

“My girlfriend speaks it pretty well,” Moise said laughingly. “I’m trying to pick it up to speak with her a little bit.”

However, romance is not the only place he’s scoring goals; he made his first career goal on Saturday against the Jacksonville Icemen.

Moise’s first goal of his professional career came two days after Thanksgiving.

“It felt good,” Moise said. “I was like ‘about time.’ I needed to get that one and keep going from here.”

Moise dreamed about scoring his first professional goal since the age of three. However, the road to get there was not easy.

“My college career was a little hectic,” Moise explained. “I had a few surgeries but had to stick to the grind.”

Despite adversity, Moise managed to keep a steadfast approach, which is why the injuries have not stood in the way of his dreams. In fact, he is actually closer than he has ever been.

“I want to play in the NHL one day like everybody else out here,” Moise said. “That’s the ultimate goal, so you got to have that mindset of getting better ever day or you probably won’t make it.”