BROOKLET, Ga. (WSAV) – On a grass practice field in Brooklet is a program that knows the pressure of perfection.

“The pressure keeps going up and up every game,” said junior Korine Talkington.

Talkington is right in the middle of that crucible.

“At first, I was nervous and then we started playing the games and I just kept getting better and getting more comfortable with my teammates and receivers,” Talkington said.

Talkington had reason to be nervous; she had to start the season as the team’s quarterback, subbing in last minute for starting signal-caller Ainsleigh Littles, who had just come off winning a state championship with the Yellow Jackets last season.

“She started us off and she went 7-0 as a starting quarterback for us this year,” said senior Marci Cochran. “It gained a lot of confidence for her. She really helped our team out at the start of the season. Without her, we wouldn’t be undefeated still.”

Cochran didn’t just mean undefeated on the season. The Yellow Jackets have not lost a game since the program was founded.

“We have such natural athletes,” said senior Delanie Thames. “Everybody on our team is just a natural athlete. And our coaches have helped a lot. They know a lot about the sport.”

“When they came to us, we had to teach them from the very basics and once again, when you have good athletes, you just have to teach them how to play the game. We were lucky enough to have such good athletes,” Cochran said.

That includes Talkington, whose 20 combined touchdowns are the highest total on the area’s best team, which looks like it’s headed for another lifting of the trophy in Atlanta.

“I feel like it would be really good for us,” Talkington said. “Our seniors, they’ve done a lot for our team. It would just be really nice to get another state championship.”