SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Calvary Day’s star baseball player, Kellen Blankenship, can play anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you need him in the outfield or on the mound, he can do it all.

“On the mound my mom even tells me, I’m a completely different person,” Blankenship said. “I show no emotion.”

Blankenships skills helped him earn a spot on varsity as a freshmen, and he played with one of the best teammates he’ll probably ever have.

“My first being on varsity with my brother [Kaden Blankenship]… I got called up to varsity midway through the season,” (Kellen) Blankenship said.

Together, they helped Calvary Day make it to the elite eight, and as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

“Hebron got that last out, I walked into the locker room, and I started getting a little emotional,” (Kellen) Blankenship said. “My friend asked what’s wrong, and I told him this is the last game I’ll ever play with my brother.”

Their dream came and went.

Over the course of time, (Kellen) Blankenship’s game continued to grow, then the recruitment letter came in. However, one letter proved to be a game changer.

“It was like the most relieving thing,” (Kellen) Blankenship said. “My mom jumped out of her chair. My brother was super excited, especially when I told him I got the scholarship. He started freaking out.”

(Kellen) Blankenship received a baseball scholarship from USC Aiken, the same school his brother (Kaden) plays for now.

“It’s pretty cool,” Kaden Blankenship, Kellen’s brother, said. “Not a lot of people get to play in high school together. So, the fact we get to play in college is a pretty cool thing.”

“I’m just happy it happened they way it did,” Kellen Blankenship said. “The fact that I get to go out there with him in a few months… every little brother would want to play with their brother in college.”