HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WSAV) – Not every volleyball player wears a ponytail, gets their nails done, and makes frequent visits to the salon.

“It’s seen as a female sport when it’s definitely not,” Kevin Murphy, the head volleyball coach at Hilton Head Island High School, said. “It’s a sport for boys and girls, men and women. Something that more boys and men should be involved in.”

There’s a new boys volleyball team in the Lowcountry at Hilton Head High School.

“We have our first team officially, and it’s been awesome,” Murphy said excitedly.

Fall of 2022 is the first year, the South Carolina High School League sanctioned the boys volleyball. Currently six schools in Beaufort County competing in the sport and 41 others across the state.

“It means a lot to finally have the opportunity to play with others, especially in a competitive environment,” Grant Pagatpatan, the junior captain for High Head Island, said.

Pagatpatan fell in love with volleyball in middle school when he started playing it with his friends during recess.

The more his love for volleyball grew, the more seriously Pagatpatan began to take the sport. Eventually, he decided to start training with Hannah Edelman, a former South Carolina Gamecock and Hilton Head Island (HHI) alum.

“My brother introduced me to her when I first started playing,” Pagatpatan said. “I went to her lessons over the summer, which she started hosting here [HHI] when she came home from college, and I just loved her.”

Pagatpatan’s hardwork is paying off for him and the team. HHI started the season with a 2-0 record with hopes of going all the way and becoming one of the first state champs in South Carolina.