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30-second shot clock on the way to Georgia high school basketball


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Georgia High School Association approved plans to bring a 30-second shot clock to boys and girls basketball games Tuesday afternoon.

Over the next three years, the GHSA will phase the shot clock into the game until it is mandatory for all varsity games in 2022.

This season, the shot clock will be implemented in approved holiday tournaments and showcase games. In 2021, the decision to use the shot clock in region games is left up to each region. The shot clock will be seen at all varsity games, including state playoffs, in 2022.

Woodville-Tompkins boys basketball coach Lenny Williams says this decision marks a step in the right direction for the game of basketball.

“You have to find a way now to change your whole defensive scheme and offensive scheme. That’s what makes coaches coaches,” Williams explained. “We have coaches coming areound say are great coaches but they hold the dang ball for two minutes in the game. That’s now great coaching — that means you know how to pass the ball for two minutes and you might come out with a win.”

In a sport where college players and the professionals play under a shot clock, Williams believes this makes Georgia athletes better prepared for the next level.

“The state of Georgia became more marketable for player development and college coaches coming down here to say ‘how well does this person play under the shot clock?'”

Savannah State men’s basketball is known for running up-tempo. While the shot clock may not play as much of a factor in head coach Horace Broadnax’s offense, he’s on board with the GHSA’s decision for the sake of consistency.

“Understanding the shot clock and how you can use it to your advantage growing up, I think, makes the game easier and allows the game to feed into the system better because uniformity is great,” Broadnax added.

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