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After over 30 years of building a brand that represents soulful southern goodness, Georgia-grown hospitality and educating children in cooking and etiquette, Vera Stewart has decided to do what she does best: teach!

Vera teaches her viewers of The VeryVera Show how to make her family favorite recipes in the comfort of their own homes. Through her tutorials and techniques, her viewers learn how to master the art of southern comfort Vera has perfected over the years. The VeryVera Show aired its first show in 2012 in Augusta, Georgia, and today it’s shown across the South!

Vera drives home her expertise in food and etiquette through VeryVera Cooking Camp, where children ages 6-14 spend a week learning the ins and outs of kitchen life, entrepreneurship, and etiquette. An Augusta rite of passage for 14 years, VeryVera Cooking Camp is now franchised in Columbus, GA and Aiken, SC.

Working in the areas that showcase her creativity and management skills allows Vera to spend time with her family including grandchildren who affectionately call her Granny V. Soon she will be able to pass down all the expertise onto them as she has to her viewers, colleagues, and friends.