SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The SCAD Museum of Art (MOA) is a contemporary art museum that features pieces from established and emerging artists hailing from all corners of the world. The SCAD MOA serves as a tool to help further the education of current Savannah College of Art and Design students and alumni as well as being open to the public for them to enjoy and appreciate the works of art within the ever changing museum.

The newest installment of works throughout the SCAD MOA will be on display until early 2023. These works include installments from American artists, such as Roxy Paine and Allison Schulnik, and international artists such as Shi Jinsong, Gisela Colón, Anna Park, among other talents.

Daniel S. Palmer, Chief Curator of the SCAD MOA, gives an in depth walking tour of the newest exhibits within the museum for future guests to see what is in store for this phase of the gallery. He explains that the “diversity of all of the artists we’ve brought here to exhibit is also mirrored by their diversity of medium.” Guests can experience art in forms of instillation, animation, film, and traditional art; there is truly something that will catch the eye of everyone who walks through the SCAD MOA doors.

Be sure to watch our three part series below and to find more information about the museum, you can visit the SCAD MOA website.