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When it comes to watching television…you have more options than ever before. Gone are the days of 3 channels and waiting weeks to watch the next episode of your favorite shows. But do you understand what all of those options mean and what they offer? Mitch West, Nexstar’s regional digital director, can help you sort through it all.

“I call it alphabet soup. And so there’s CTV…that’s connected television. That’s that smart tv screen in your living room. You power that up. You use your Wi-Fi from your high speed internet. And there you have all your apps. You watch all your shows. The second is what we call an over the top device…which is an agnostic device. That’s an Apple TV, a ROKU, an Amazon Fire Stick. You plug that into your television through an HDMI cord and you are able to access all of your favorite shows. And finally, what we call a “full episode player”…or FEP. That is going to be the or the…where you can go to their website and watch 30 and 60 minute episodic programs.”

Many people have already terminated their cable contracts and now watch television on their own terms. Whether your considering cutting the cable cord for economic reasons…or just because you feel you’re not using all the options you pay for, Mitch has some advice.

“Cable and satellite provide tremendous resources and services and they are great services. Talk about HD…great 4K developments…so if you are happy with cable, I’d say stay with those services. But if you are struggling to make ends meet, you need to cut certain programs in your life that allows you to make an economic decision for yourself and your family…to be able to provide still some of the great content that you can get through formats like YouTube TV or Hulu Livestream — which, by the way, is available for WSAV right there in Savannah.”

And for those who have broken up with cable but feel you’ll run out of content because there’s only so much out there, Mitch has some eye-opening information about that too. To put it in perspective, in 2008, there were 198 scripted programs. But last year there were over 460 scripted programs across cable, television, broadcast and all the streaming devices. For the time in history, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime canceled programs that were not being engaged. They did not get renewed for a second season. So at the end of the day, the winners in the ‘streaming wars’ are gonna be those that are providing great content. He says we are living in the platinum age of television.

One thing many people think they’ll miss out on if they break with cable is the lack of DVR storage.

“There are 2 platforms that you can subscribe to. One is Hulu Live Stream Plus…which is their live television. Which by the way, we’re carried on so if you tune in you can see WSAV…one of my favorite tv stations. You can watch it and you can actually record up to 40 hours on the DVR with Hulu Live Stream. With YouTube TV…you have unlimited DVR space.”

If you have any questions, Mitch has answers:

“If any of your viewers want to know more about their access they have available…or if you’re a local business in the Savannah or in the Hilton Head area, please call our station about how we can help you connect and be relevant in the growing field.”

And, if perspective advertizers are wondering why they should buy time on a platform that allows consumers to opt out of commercial time, Mitch says less than 30% of subscribers choose the “commercial free” option becuase we’re used to seeing ads and we don’t want to pay more for opting out. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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