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Savannah, Ga. (WSAV) – While most people love the convenience of food delivery apps, they’re not all the same. Before you place your next food order, you need to know some things.

Farnoosh Torabi, Personal Finance Expert: I think you need to ask yourself, “Am I getting the best deal?” I think that there is an assumption that, you know, all these apps are created equal. Whether you’re ordering a pizza from Grubhub versus Door Dash versus Uber Eats, it’s gonna be the same price — and then, yeah, maybe the pizza is the same price, but have you looked at other fees that get tacked on which will completely change what the total price is.

Wait…what? How can that be if the menu prices are basically the same?

Farnoosh Torabi, Personal Finance Expert: You’re looking at service fees and delivery fees…the pricing is all over the map. I would take a minute to exit the app and go into another app — a food app — just to see what you might get for that same order.

So which food delivery app is the most transparent with pricing information?

Farnoosh Torabi, Personal Finance Expert: There was a recent study done — a Wall Street analyst firm looked across the board — and they looked at Door Dash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, Post Mates — and they found that, as far as price transparency, which is what you’re getting at…GrubHub scored the best. So if you want price transparency, GrubHub scored the best. And, by the way, they were also consistently the cheapest place to order from. They looked at a number of restaurants from across the country, ordered a bunch of different things using all the different apps…and GrubHub came in number one — followed by Door Dash and Uber Eats.

That’s good information to have but what about here in the Coastal Empire and lowcountry?

Farnoosh Torabi, Personal Finance Expert: And even in Savannah, that was the case. We actually did a separate survey looking at some of the — you know, a little survey — looking at some restaurants here locally. We used GrubHub, Door Dash, Post Mates, Uber Eats…and we found that GrubHub was the best. Outside of GrubHub, who charge just a single delivery fee, the other 3 apps had a delivery fee, a service fee — sometimes more grouped in with taxes. So it’s really important to do the comparing because otherwise you could pay more and you don’t have to pay more. That’s the thing: it’s the same pizza!

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