Mort Crim: The real Ron Burgundy

The Bridge

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – ‘Stay classy San Diego.’ ‘Panda jerk!’ There are so many funny lines from the ‘Anchorman’ movies starring Will Ferrell that come to mind when you think of Ron Burgundy. But, did you know the character was actually a parody of a real journalist? And not just any journalist…Mort Crim. Mort has a long and prestigious career in news, earning awards and the high praise of notable journalists like Ted Koppel and Walter Cronkite.

So, why did Will Ferrell chose Mort Crim? And, what does he think about the parody? Well, Mort Crim answers those questions in his new book along with giving details about his personal and professional life and his never ending search for answers. It’s called ‘Anchored, A Journalist’s Search for Truth.’ If you’d like an autographed copy just go to

We hope you enjoy our interview.

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